FirstStory Making a Difference in Canada

Chronological Bible Teaching - the Missing Link


Dave Wright is a missionary with Ethnos Canada and has been a key part in developing materials to help FirstStory equip churches. He has named the curriculum Establish.

Establish is a systematic discipleship teaching course that walks through the Bible in chronological order from the beginning and is aimed at taking people from limited or no understanding all the way to a complete understanding of who God is and to maturity in their faith in Christ. It lets God tell His story. Dave Wright served in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes Mission in the mid’90s where he used this teaching to help plant a church, which is growing and thriving on its own today. It was developed with an appreciation for individual cultures and teaches in light of it. After Dave returned to Canada, Norman McCallum (indigenous elder and pastor) and Conrad Flett (host of the television broadcast Tribal Trails) asked Dave to transfer all of this into the Aboriginal context. It started to spread like wildfire and they have since been invited to present this course in many indigenous communities. Dave also teaches this course in the Canadian church to educate Christian leaders in this teaching method so they can share it with their own people. As a result, this course is now being taught by Aboriginal Christian leaders in several communities in Northern Saskatchewan where the material is being contextualized for their specific locations. Aboriginal leaders have referred to this curriculum as ‘the first Aboriginal curriculum written by Aboriginals for Aboriginals’. Norman McCallum told the Saskatoon Star Phoenix,  “Many native people tell me Christianity is the white man’s religion. I say no. It’s for everyone. We just weren’t taught the whole story. We’ve been missing out for so many years. Now this has come to us. It’s opened my eyes to what we’ve been missing. It’s a godsend for me and for our native people.”

This is just a start to what FirstStory Ministries is doing in Canada. We are excited to see where God takes this ministry. Please continue to pray for Dave Wright and the Aboriginal Christian leaders who are teaching people ‘God’s story’. 

I never learnt the complete story of the Bible. I knew nothing about the beginning, about what took place in the beginning. Genesis says, ‘In the beginning, God created...’ but I wanted to know who God was, and how all His creation came I came about.
— Norman McCallum told Saskatoon Star Phoenix in an article on June 17, 2017