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What is FirstStory's FirstResponders program?


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Engaging Canada’s First Peoples with the First Story

What is FirstStory's FirstResponders program?


When there is an emergency of any kind, we immediately look to first responders. Sometimes these people are referred to as "essential personnel". You may know them as police, firefighters or paramedics. These are the people who will drop what they are doing and come to aid those who are in need, sometimes even at great cost to themselves. They have made a commitment to this specific task.

What does this have to do with FirstStory?

We need a team of First Responders—men, women, children, families, small groups or churches—that commit themselves to be our "first-call".

Four times a year we will identify a specific need that requires prayer and finances. This could be a special project, circumstance or ministry that needs you to get involved as a First Responder.



Please be a First Responder and help see thriving churches established among Canada's indigenous people. From right where you are, through your faithful prayers and financial support, you can help bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the First Peoples of Canada.

We know that it's only the truth of the gospel that will bring healing and salvation to indigenous peoples of Canada—and we want you to be a part of it.





Click on the link above if you would like to be a First Responder for FirstStory Ministries. By signing up to be a First Responder you will receive by mail the FirstResponders donor newsletter four times a year.

With each of these newsletters you will have an opportunity to respond both financially and in prayer. Your prayers are vital and so is your support - any amount that you can give will go 100 percent towards reaching the indigenous peoples of Canada. Would you commit to contributing in this way so that the work can move forward?


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